Human-Powered Vehicles

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Human-powered vehicles (HPV’s) are powered by the muscles and do not operate using any form of gas. The HPV isn’t restricted to just bicycles as engineers have created other means of human-powered transport also by air, rail and water. The HPV is in a lot of categories. Some are faster than others, especially those used for competitions. These vehicles are usually powered with an electric engine of which the energy is created using human strength. This does not mean that the electric bicycle falls under the HPV category.

Here are some of the types of human powered vehicles that have been built:

1. Recumbent Bicycles

Bicycles are the most common of human-powered vehicles. The recumbent bicycle has a seat that is reclined in a backward position while the pedals of the bicycle are at the front of the bike along with its bottom bracket. This design is built to be more comfortable for the rider compared to the regular bicycle. The seat position allows you to move the recumbent bicycle recumbent bicycles at a fast speed and they are suitable for long journeys.

2. Velomobiles

This vehicle is usually referred to as a bicycle car or a streamliner. It works just like the way bicycles do, but with an added covering to protect the rider from bad weather. The Velomobile velomobile comes in either two wheels or three wheels and there is also one with four wheels.

3. Canoe

Both the rowing boat and the pedal boat are both human powered vehicles. These are normally used for recreational purposes. The canoes could either have propellers or they could be rowed. The canoes used for competitions are usually faster than the regular boats because they are driven with hydrofoils and propellers.

4. Submarines

There is also the human-powered submarine which allows the rider to breathe underwater. They have two types, the ones with propellers and those without them. The riders breathing is aided with a scuba-system aboard their driving apparels.

5. Air HPV

This is one of the most fascinating inventions of human powered vehicles. The aeroplanes are designed to lift just one person. The Aircraft Daedalus 88 aircraft was able to stay at least for four hours on air. These planes are the largest of all the human-powered vehicles.

6. Rail HPV

These are another invention of human-powered vehicles that are designed to move on rails for trains. They usually use them for giving tourists an interesting experience.