Human-Powered Vehicles as a Cure for the Blues

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Human-powered vehicles are well known for being a sustainable form of transport that needs the power of humans to make the vehicle work well. This has obvious health benefits as cardiovascular fitness is essential. However, Human powered vehicles also help to cure the blues for other reasons.

The Great Outdoors

A human-powered vehicle can take you into parts of the world that are clean, beautiful and are close to nature. The health benefits of being close to nature are well documented, particularly as people have busy marriages, careers and families. Different kinds of Human Powered Vehicles can get you into the outdoors and help you forget about the struggles of daily life.

Team Work

Some people don’t think of teamwork when they see individuals moving on the road alone in a vehicle. Still, human-powered vehicles often require a lot of teamwork to get them mechanically sound before setting off. It is a great interest for people wanting to share their love of mechanics or engineering. It can also be a family affair as children and adults find that creating something is fun and an easy way to bond.


Human-powered vehicles can be entered into competitions which can really motivate people that don’t have any other interests. Coming up with the design ideas and making money to support the creation or running of a vehicle are all valuable skills. This can help people focus their energy on something outside of their own problems. Working on the vehicle and competing for a prize may be just the thing that someone needs to feel motivated once again.

A human-powered vehicle is more than just a few individuals practising and riding every so often. There are other elements of using vehicles such as design, raising money, engineering, and getting ready for races. However, it is also a splendid activity for getting into nature and turning off from the world.