Human Powered Vehicles

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Many of us have always wanted to change the way we commute, but not many people have thought of the idea of ditching the more comfortable conventional means of transport, such as cars and trains, for human-powered vehicles (HPV). Human-powered traffic, as has animal-powered transport, has existed since the olden days, with activities such as walking, swimming and running being used as ways of communicating and transportation. Though motorised traffic has quickened and eased the way people move from one place to another, HPV’s are preferred by individuals, because of their reliability and their health benefits. The following are some of the benefits of HPV over motorised transport.

Benefits of Human Powered Vehicles

  • Fitness

Most people like the idea of keeping fit and avoiding adding on too much weight, which may be a health issue in the future. With HPV, one can exercise some parts of the body, such as the muscles, especially when cycling around or climbing hills. More to this, one can enjoy the fresh air and other outdoor activities depending on the type of HPV you prefer.

  • Affordability

HPV are quite affordable when compared to other means of travel, such as cars. The cost of buying a bicycle is relatively cheaper compared to purchasing a motorcycle or a car. Another advantage is that the user only uses their physical energy, cutting on the gas costs associated with motorised transport, and the HPV are cheaper to maintain.

  • Timeliness

Motorised transportation is always associated with traffic and lateness. There is no better thing than leaving your house, and you are sure about when you will be arriving at your destination. It’s even more enjoyable when you meet other cyclists on the road, as you enjoy your outdoor ride. HPV’s are solving the climate challenge which is being experienced all over the globe, and this might be a good idea for going green.