Benefits of Human-Powered Vehicles

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Sometimes we get so comfortable with our daily routine that we miss out on the opportunity to experience new things. Have you ever thought of ditching your car to take your bike out for just one day?

Well if you haven’t, then its time to consider this idea. Bicycles are just one of the many other human powered vehicles (HPV) that you can try out. When you use HPV as your means of transport, it not only that you enjoy the experience and you also get other benefits you never even considered.

Here are just a few examples of what you stand to get with human powered vehicles:

1) Fitness

Gaining weight is something most people deal with at some point in their lifetime. With human-powered vehicles, you get to work your muscles as well as your body to your own benefit. It is a great way to exercise your body. Although most of the exercise is concentrated on some areas of the muscle depending on the type of vehicle you use, the body still balances to keep you fit.

These vehicles will help you put an effort in losing weight while you are climbing hills, cycling around etc. In addition to losing weight; you also get to enjoy the fresh air outside and other exciting outdoor experience. Human powered vehicles are definitely the best stress reliever. You get to feel good and healthy.

2. Very affordable

Another thing that makes human-powered vehicles attractive is the fact that they are pocket-friendly. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t expensive vehicles. You would be surprised to find that a bike bicycles costs up to $10,000 which are considered a luxury. However, you have many options that go for a lot less than that amount. You can get a quality bike that costs about $500 and you get to go wherever you want without thinking about getting gas.

Human powered vehicles are also cost-effective when it comes to repairs and maintenance. You can fix most of the problems on them by yourself.

3) Going Green

the problem with motor engine vehicles is the level of damage it has done to our environment. While on your human-powered vehicle, you don’t have to worry about contributing to the damage done on the environment. This is because your vehicle does not run on fuel fossils and is extremely noiseless.

4) Always on time

there are always cars on the road and getting to work in the morning can be really frustrating. Let’s not talk about the traffic because with your bike there is nothing like traffic. You can get to anywhere you want without being stuck.

It is an exciting experience when you move on your own power and even more interesting as you get to enjoy your sightseeing while passing by other cyclists on the road.