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We at Kiwi HPV are a dedicated team engaged in human-powered vehicle development and awareness. Human powered vehicles are a means of transport that is powered by the human muscles. There are different types of this vehicle that have been designed. There are human powered vehicles that have been built for land, rail or water. We are actively involved in sponsored competitions and events for the promotion of human-powered vehicles. We will continue to support the advancement of human-powered technology. We continue to showcase innovations from creative minds at events such as the Waimate Event organized by Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club, the ride at the Avon River Red Zone Event, the Waimate Velodrome Event etc.

We at Kiwi HPV believe that the human-powered vehicles will create a sustainable transport and give room for a safe environment. We want communities in New Zealand to adopt an active cycling culture. We believe that with human-powered vehicles human powered vehicles, it would give room for the transport system to work with clean energy. Human-powered transport system will give room for a greener environment and a solution for transportation issues.

We have a dedicated team of engineers that work hard to create new ideas for human powered vehicles. So far we have human powered vehicles like the recumbent bicycles the streamlined tricycles as well as the freight-carrying work bikes. We aim to manufacture distinct and imaginative human powered vehicles. We thrive to be the best and have so far incorporated top-notch standards into our designs. We ensure that all our vehicles comply with safety standards and because of competition we are more challenged to come up with even more innovative ideas on sour projects. We want people to ride these vehicles and such we come up with designs that are not only attractive but also easy to use.

We at Kiwi believe that human powered vehicles are the solution to transport issues and would give room for a sustainable transport system in the nearest future. We are committed to conserving energy and as such we are embracing this renewable energy which is human power.

Our teams of young engineers enjoy creating new designs as well as riding their bicycles. It is an opportunity for young minds to learn, design and bud human powered vehicles. We put a lot of effort into creating awareness about these vehicles to people in New Zealand by holding these sponsored human-powered events open to the public. These events are a great opportunity for creative thinkers to showcase their innovative designs and put them to test. All the vehicles featured at such events work only on human power. it is our mission to continue to spread the word about the importance of this no fuel vehicle to people.

The opportunities that human powered vehicles give us are endless, as we can enjoy it for recreational purpose as well as for an effective system of transport. At Kiwi, we believe in embracing these opportunities to help maintain a good environment.