Some past Kiwi HPV newsletters are available online.

The Christchurch earthquakes in Sep 2010 and Feb 2011 disrupted activities and no newsletter has been published since then.

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KiwiHPV_News 2010-122010-12

KiwiHPV_News 2010-102010-10

KiwiHPV_News 2010-082010-08

KiwiHPV_News 2010-062010-06

KiwiHPV_News 2010-042010-04

KiwiHPV_News 2010-022010-02

KiwiHPV_News 2009-122009-12

KiwiHPV_News 2009-102009-10

KiwiHPV_News 2009-082009-08

KiwiHPV_News 2009-062009-06

If there is sufficient interest earlier newsletters may be able to be scanned.