About Kiwi HPV

Kiwi HPV exists to foster the awareness and use of all kinds of HPVs within New Zealand.

Kiwi HPV Inc was formed in 2003 when HPV Canterbury, based in Christchurch, Canterbury, decided to formalise its role as NZ’s only HPV group.

The catastrophic earthquakes which hit Christchurch in 2010 & 2011 affected our activities for some time and we are now planning to revive the group and offer a range of activities.

Performer Goal26X

goalxModel:Goal26X, with rear suspension
Frame: Alloy 7005
Front fork: Alloy w/disc
Handlebar: OSS, Alloy, black, minibar
Seat: FRP w/headrest
Colour: Blue (as per lower centre of picture)
Colour Option: Whatever colour you want can be ordered (see bottom of picture for colour options) on confirmation of sale.


  • Cranks: Shimano Tiagra 50/39/30 170mm
  • Derailleurs F:Shimano R443 R:Shimano Deore 10Sp
  • Wheelset: X320 32H
  • Tyres: Kenda : K-193 26×1.25 100psi
  • Brakes: Avid BB5 disc brake
  • Shifters: Shimano Deore 30sp
  • Cassette: Shimano Deore 11-36T 10spd


  • Bottom bracket height: 75cm
  • Seat height: 62cm
  • Total height: 102cm, headrest 116cm
  • Wheelbase: 116cm
  • Seat angle: 26-30
  • Weight: 14.7kg
  • Rider height: above 170cm
  • Rider weight limit: 110kg
  • X-Seam Range: 104cm-130cm
  • Pedals: clipless Wellgo


5 Year on frame for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase, limited to the original owner.


Cash Price: $2499.00, full amount to be paid within 7 days of auction end.


Peter at FeetFirst

M5 SWB Recumbent Bike (20″ / 28″)

M5 is one of the largest recumbent bike manufacturers, based in the Netherlands.
See here for more info.

Walle2 copyFAST

Thanks to the reclined position and the straight load side of the chain, this is a fairly speedy bike, and I have won a few races on it.


I am 172 cm with long legs, and it fits me perfectly as it is set up.


The bottom bracket boom is adjustable by telescoping into the frame, and I would say this bike should be adjustable for riders from around 165 cm to about 185 cm tall.
Adjusting the leg length may require adding or taking out some chain links.


  • M5 powder-coated steel frame, with lots of tap holes to attach things like luggage carrier or fairings if required.
  • Glass fibre seat (repaired several years ago with epoxy / glass fibre, no problems since) – seat cushion as above.
  • Moulton APB suspension fork
  • 53-39-24 chainrings giving very wide gear range
  • 7-speed cassette
  • Front and rear derailleurs Sachs ARIS Rival 7000
  • Front hub Diabolo (industrial sealed ball bearings), runs very smoothly
  • Front rim Alesa 406×19
  • Front tyre Tioga Comp Pool slick 45-406
  • Rear hub Shimano Deore XT
  • Rear rim Weinmann 2313 622×13
  • Rear tyre Schwalbe Marathon Spezial 28-622
  • Headset Tange Levin CD
  • Front brake Magura Classic hydraulic
  • Rear cantilever brake
  • Double-butted spokes on drive side of rear wheel for extra strength, triple-butted spokes in front wheel.
  • Selling without pedals.
  • A spare original M5 seat cushion will also come with the bike. The cushion is made from dark grey EVA foam, about 2.5 cm thick and cleanly cut by M5 to match the exact outline of the seat. It has been used, but not very much.


  • Helmut



  • Pick-up South New Brighton, or
  • I can ride the bike to your place if it’s within range of the Christchurch Metro bus system.

Cruzbike Silvio Frameset – SOLD!

No longer available – sold to an enthusiast in Oz

A fast touring bike with style and comfort, designed to take high-end road bike components, but MTB parts will also fit.

Silvio2.0This frame has the V2.0 decals but has been updated to S30 specs.

This complete frame kit includes:

  • main frame,
  • carbon seat,
  • seat cushions,
  • headrest,
  • air-suspended front triangle,
  • suspended rear triangle and
  • custom handlebars.

To buy this new would cost US$2400 PLUS shipping to NZ,
not to mention Customs Duty and import fees.

Price: NZ$2500

Contact:  Duncan  021 267 2193

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HPC 2012



Kiwi HPVs

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Waimate TT 2012

Start of the OOCC Enduro event

Waimate TT 2011


Nelson TT 2010


HPC 2010


Waimate TT 2010


Waimate TT 2009




Nigel Farrell's Recumbent

HPC 2006

Human Powered Challenge 2006

The Human Powered Challenge is Kiwi HPV’s premier event.

The 2006 event took place on Sunday 15th October.  

The HPC is a multi-race event, intended to encourage all HPV enthusiasts to design, build and test their own cycle creation.


Click here for a Brief Set of Results (2 pages long).

Click on this for the Full Set of Results  (5 pages long).


Carnot picking up cargo (Quicktime format)

Carnot and Red Rak Racer drag race (Quicktime format)

Carnot and Kingcycle drag race (Quicktime format)


Click on any photo to enlarge.

Entry #2 – Bob Knight raced the Burrows Ratracer to great effect, placing second in the Challenge.

These two elegant European production SWBs were in attendance at the event.

Left – Now the mount of Symon Holmes, the Flying Furniture PBP SWB has put in many kilometres in its life.   Right – Helmut Walle was the pilot for Aarn Tate’s ARC Sports SWB. Helmut rode this to third place.

Left – Regan Bertie designed, built and raced this aluminium tricycle.  Right – Bruce McDowell’s fully suspended tricycle didn’t compete, though it attracted many admirers.

Left – Martin and Linda White entered as a team, taking turns to ride their Kingcycle SWB.  Right –  Mike Toohey brought along his Lightning SWB.

Entrant #5, Gavin Williams proved very successful, riding his self-designed and self-built RP2 SWB to first place.  He’s the one to beat in 2007!

The faired linear drive Red Rak Racer owned by Tim Bayley of Nelson, and ridden by a team on 5 riders, attracted a great deal of attention.  Sadly a series of on-the-day snafus meant that the trike didn’t fare well in the HPC.

Richard Middleton’s well-considered fully-suspended MWB won the trophy for outstanding design at this years HPC.

Brothers Tim Johns and Nick Johns both entered tricycles in the event. Tim’s design (on the left) is a FWD RWS tadpole trike, quite an unusual configuration even in the unconventional world of HPVS.

Daphne Robson rode her Velocity LWB to the event, while her husband Gavin Keats campaigned his Carnot velomobile in the HPC.

The Solar Fern Racing team were at the event, displaying their vehicle which they intend on competing with in the World Solar Challenge in Australia in 2007.


Some scenes taken during the day, most of them showing the vehicles lining up in pairs for the 200m Drag event.

The Re Rak Racer looked very attractive in the sunlight.

As did the Carnot, seen here during the cargo race. 

The entrants lined up just before the start of the One Hour Enduro event.

CHCH Festival of Cycling 2006

This was a demonstration event that formed part of the Armstrong Peugeot Festival of Cycling, held in central Christchurch on Sunday, 3rd December 2006.

Our idea in running the demo was that it would be a staged circuit race between folding cycles and recumbents, with those riding folders being given a head start, plus also having the option of taking a short cut across the course.

Many thanks to Simon Hollander and his team at the Festival of Cycling for allowing us to be part of this great event.




These photos of the HPV event, along with some 30 others, can be found at the Cycle-Photos.com website.  They all happen to be available for purchase.

Nelson TT 2007

tt2007_logoThe Nelson TT 2007 HPV Meeting

Trafalgar Park, Nelson

Sunday, 16th September, 2007


This is an annual HPV event taking place in Nelson.

Designed to complement the Human Powered Challenge held the following month in Christchurch, the Nelson TT consists of a series of three events, where various attributes of both the rider and the machine can come to the fore.

Event Structure


A circuit race where the slower riders in the field get dropped off, at the rate of one per lap, until there is only one rider left.


This is (nearly) one lap around the track, and it’s not only about speed but acceleration as well.


Open to individuals as well as to teams of riders. Le Mans style start, 1 hour lap race, most laps in an hour wins, with bonus laps awarded to those carry cargo – in the form 1-litre bottles of water, that need to be collected during the first 15 minutes of the race.


Click here for a Brief Set of Results (2 pages long).

Click on this for the Full Set of Results (3 pages long).


To view a full album of photos taken at the Nelson TT, click here.

nelsontt_082A damp day in sunny Nelson didn’t affect the spirits of the competitors, seen here during the Le Mans style start of the Enduro event.

nelsontt_157Mike Ward worked the MicroGlide Tricycle.  It’s seen here, carrying a load of water bottles, during the Enduro event.

nelsontt_153Entry #4 – John Wilson made his debut at Kiwi HPV events, riding this Easy Racers Goldrush, which had an adjustable lyra fairing.

nelsontt_044Entry #2 – Bob Knight powered the Burrows Ratracer to great effect, winning all three events, and taking first prize.

HPC 2007

The Human Powered Challenge
Canterbury Agricultural Park, Christchurch

Saturday, 13th October, 2007

Overview  and event structure

This is Kiwi HPV’s premiere event, and consists of three separate races, where various attributes of both the rider and the machine can come to the fore.

A 200m drag, raced in pairs.

An extreme take on the ususal cycling commute. Entrants race off in pairs, completing 6 laps around a course, but having to stop and load up with a variety of cargo on the 2nd lap, and also having to ride through a rain-shower (supplied by a man with a high pressure water hose) every lap.


An event to test both man and machine.  One hour’s riding on laps around the Showgrounds.


Click here for a Brief Set of Results (2 pages long).

Click on this for the Full Set of Results (5 pages long).


To view a full album of photos taken at the HPC, click here.

hpc2007_036Pete Hallam, riding a production Volae SWB, won the Challenge, finishing first in two events and second in the third.

hpc2007_038Justin Smith, on his Rec-liner, won a prize for acheiving the best result riding a machine of his own design and construction.

hpc2007_008Event Marshall for the past 3 Challenges, Scott Campbell, decided it was time to find out what it was like being a competitor.

hpc2007_083John Falconer attracted a lot of attention with this very innovative velomobile. This FWD, RWS tricycle is made mostly of sheet aluminium and is riveted together. John won a trophy for having the most outstanding machine at the HPC.

hpc2007_152Nick Johns on his Tritation tricycle, won the CPIT HPV trophy, awarded to the best student-designed machine.

hpc2007_090A shot showing a number of the entrants waiting for the hour event to get underway.

More photos of the event can be found here.

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HPC 2008

The Human Powered Challenge

Canterbury Agricultural Park, Christchurch

Saturday, 18th October, 2008

Overview  and event structure

This is Kiwi HPV’s premiere event, and consists of three separate races, where various attributes of both the rider and the machine can come to the fore.


A 200m drag, raced in pairs.


An event to test both man and machine.  One hour’s riding on laps around the Showgrounds.


This tests practicality. The aim is to pickup and transfer the most items of cargo from one location to another, using a “rob-the-nest’ format. Cargo is in the form of photocopier paper boxes.


Click here for a Brief Set of Results (2 pages long).

Click on this for the Full Set of Results (4 pages long).


A miscellany of images. If you took photos at the HPC, then please forward them to our newsletter editor Michael Toohey. Thanks.

hpc_2008_Bob_KnightBefore the HPC got underway,Bob Knight tried out Andy Taylor’s FWD FWS recumbent, but couldn’t quite manage to ride it.

hpc_2008_14_1000Some high quality engineering work has gone into Andy’s design,
but the steering still needs refinement.

hpc_2008_13_1000Alan Page tries out Aarn Tate’s new leaning trike for size. It’s not quite finished yet, so it didn’t take part in the HPC.

hpc_2008_12_1000The other end of Aarn’s leaning trike. It features a FWS FWD front wheel, and two rear wheels which pivot, allowing the whole machine to handle like a bicycle and hence lean into corners.

hpc_2008_11_1000Symon Holmes rode the SWB in the foreground, while Regan Bertie used his Bertiemobile tricycle that’s parked behind it.
hpc_2008_10_1000Helmut Walle rode his Bram Moens M5 recumbent.
hpc_2008_09_1000Martin van den Nieuwelaar needed help to get underway
on his “Reel to Reel” FWD FWS recumbent.
hpc_2008_08_1000Nick Johns’ Tritation tricycle

hpc_2008_07_1000Here, everyone is lined up before the HPC gets underway.

hpc_2008_06_1000We had 19(!) entrants on the day. A magnificent turnout.

hpc_2008_04_1000Bob Knight,in the drag race,left his rivals so far behind,
it was as if they were standing still.

hpc_2008_05_1000John Middleton, our youngest competitor,
did well on his prone cycle.

hpc_2008_03_1000Does my bum look big in this? Richard Middleton (John’s Dad) riding his award-winning Duplo recumbent.

hpc_2008_02_1000Martin underway in the Enduro

hpc_2008_01_1000Duncan McDonald powering out of a corner in the Enduro.

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ARC-Maurer Lean-Steer Tricycle

The ARC-Maurer Lean-Steer Tricycle.

This is an international HPV project, with Kiwi HPVers Aarn Tate and Bruce McDowell building a design based on the patented design of Florida-based HPVer Alan Maurer.