Nelson TT 2007

tt2007_logoThe Nelson TT 2007 HPV Meeting

Trafalgar Park, Nelson

Sunday, 16th September, 2007


This is an annual HPV event taking place in Nelson.

Designed to complement the Human Powered Challenge held the following month in Christchurch, the Nelson TT consists of a series of three events, where various attributes of both the rider and the machine can come to the fore.

Event Structure


A circuit race where the slower riders in the field get dropped off, at the rate of one per lap, until there is only one rider left.


This is (nearly) one lap around the track, and it’s not only about speed but acceleration as well.


Open to individuals as well as to teams of riders. Le Mans style start, 1 hour lap race, most laps in an hour wins, with bonus laps awarded to those carry cargo – in the form 1-litre bottles of water, that need to be collected during the first 15 minutes of the race.


Click here for a Brief Set of Results (2 pages long).

Click on this for the Full Set of Results (3 pages long).


To view a full album of photos taken at the Nelson TT, click here.

nelsontt_082A damp day in sunny Nelson didn’t affect the spirits of the competitors, seen here during the Le Mans style start of the Enduro event.

nelsontt_157Mike Ward worked the MicroGlide Tricycle.  It’s seen here, carrying a load of water bottles, during the Enduro event.

nelsontt_153Entry #4 – John Wilson made his debut at Kiwi HPV events, riding this Easy Racers Goldrush, which had an adjustable lyra fairing.

nelsontt_044Entry #2 – Bob Knight powered the Burrows Ratracer to great effect, winning all three events, and taking first prize.

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