HPC 2008

The Human Powered Challenge

Canterbury Agricultural Park, Christchurch

Saturday, 18th October, 2008

Overview  and event structure

This is Kiwi HPV’s premiere event, and consists of three separate races, where various attributes of both the rider and the machine can come to the fore.


A 200m drag, raced in pairs.


An event to test both man and machine.  One hour’s riding on laps around the Showgrounds.


This tests practicality. The aim is to pickup and transfer the most items of cargo from one location to another, using a “rob-the-nest’ format. Cargo is in the form of photocopier paper boxes.


Click here for a Brief Set of Results (2 pages long).

Click on this for the Full Set of Results (4 pages long).


A miscellany of images. If you took photos at the HPC, then please forward them to our newsletter editor Michael Toohey. Thanks.

hpc_2008_Bob_KnightBefore the HPC got underway,Bob Knight tried out Andy Taylor’s FWD FWS recumbent, but couldn’t quite manage to ride it.

hpc_2008_14_1000Some high quality engineering work has gone into Andy’s design,
but the steering still needs refinement.

hpc_2008_13_1000Alan Page tries out Aarn Tate’s new leaning trike for size. It’s not quite finished yet, so it didn’t take part in the HPC.

hpc_2008_12_1000The other end of Aarn’s leaning trike. It features a FWS FWD front wheel, and two rear wheels which pivot, allowing the whole machine to handle like a bicycle and hence lean into corners.

hpc_2008_11_1000Symon Holmes rode the SWB in the foreground, while Regan Bertie used his Bertiemobile tricycle that’s parked behind it.
hpc_2008_10_1000Helmut Walle rode his Bram Moens M5 recumbent.
hpc_2008_09_1000Martin van den Nieuwelaar needed help to get underway
on his “Reel to Reel” FWD FWS recumbent.
hpc_2008_08_1000Nick Johns’ Tritation tricycle

hpc_2008_07_1000Here, everyone is lined up before the HPC gets underway.

hpc_2008_06_1000We had 19(!) entrants on the day. A magnificent turnout.

hpc_2008_04_1000Bob Knight,in the drag race,left his rivals so far behind,
it was as if they were standing still.

hpc_2008_05_1000John Middleton, our youngest competitor,
did well on his prone cycle.

hpc_2008_03_1000Does my bum look big in this? Richard Middleton (John’s Dad) riding his award-winning Duplo recumbent.

hpc_2008_02_1000Martin underway in the Enduro

hpc_2008_01_1000Duncan McDonald powering out of a corner in the Enduro.

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