HPC 2007

The Human Powered Challenge
Canterbury Agricultural Park, Christchurch

Saturday, 13th October, 2007

Overview  and event structure

This is Kiwi HPV’s premiere event, and consists of three separate races, where various attributes of both the rider and the machine can come to the fore.

A 200m drag, raced in pairs.

An extreme take on the ususal cycling commute. Entrants race off in pairs, completing 6 laps around a course, but having to stop and load up with a variety of cargo on the 2nd lap, and also having to ride through a rain-shower (supplied by a man with a high pressure water hose) every lap.


An event to test both man and machine.  One hour’s riding on laps around the Showgrounds.


Click here for a Brief Set of Results (2 pages long).

Click on this for the Full Set of Results (5 pages long).


To view a full album of photos taken at the HPC, click here.

hpc2007_036Pete Hallam, riding a production Volae SWB, won the Challenge, finishing first in two events and second in the third.

hpc2007_038Justin Smith, on his Rec-liner, won a prize for acheiving the best result riding a machine of his own design and construction.

hpc2007_008Event Marshall for the past 3 Challenges, Scott Campbell, decided it was time to find out what it was like being a competitor.

hpc2007_083John Falconer attracted a lot of attention with this very innovative velomobile. This FWD, RWS tricycle is made mostly of sheet aluminium and is riveted together. John won a trophy for having the most outstanding machine at the HPC.

hpc2007_152Nick Johns on his Tritation tricycle, won the CPIT HPV trophy, awarded to the best student-designed machine.

hpc2007_090A shot showing a number of the entrants waiting for the hour event to get underway.

More photos of the event can be found here.

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